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Gregor Blamey

Gregor plays accordion and piano and is the musical powerhouse of Shimmy Grand. All of the arrangements are Gregor’s work and his creativity is the basis of our unique sound. Gregor began playing piano at the age of seven and after studying at the Junior Department of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama was accepted into the Senior Department and gained a BA Honours degree in 2003. After graduating, he studied jazz piano for two years at St Andrew’s University and went on to become an employee of ‘Carnaval Cruise Lines’ as a show-band musician and cocktail pianist.


Gregor has enjoyed a varied musical career over the last few years: pianist with the Scottish Tango Ensemble, collaborating artist with Scots Fiddler, Alastair Savage, accompanist with numerous professional companies, ensembles and soloists, performing solo recitals and concertos for various music groups and playing throughout Scotland as a wedding and event pianist.


Gregor’s Grandparents were close personal friends to the late Sir Jimmy Shand Snr, meaning the accordion has never been far from his heart with Scottish dance music and ceilidh dancing a constant source of enjoyment.


As well as being a founding member of Shimmy Grand, Gregor is pianist and accordionist with Pacific Wedding Band and Band Sergeant Major of the Highland Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Gregor also enjoys teaching piano and is currently employed by Falkirk Council and Dollar Academy.

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